• If you plan on serving just one six-year enlistment or making the Army your career, as a non-commissioned officer (NCO) you will attend different leadership schools when you attain various ranks throughout your time in the Army, including:

  • The Army says they don't need anymore tanks until 2014, and then want to wait until 2017 to begin upgrading the M1 Abrams tanks in order to avoid spending unnecessary money and would rather spend to upgrade aviation and battlefield network capabilities.

    173 Members of the House of Representatives, citing a desire to keep the General Dynamics Land System plant in Lima, Ohio open, wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, asking him to override the Army's request.

  • Your mission as a soldier in a survival situation is to stay alive. As you can see, you are going to experience an assortment of thoughts and emotions. These can work for you, or they can work to your downfall. Fear,anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt, depression, and loneliness are all possible reactions to the many stresses common to survival. These reactions, when controlled in a healthy way, help to increase a soldier’s likelihood of surviving. They prompt the soldier to pay more attention in training, to fight back when scared, to take actions that ensure sustenance and security, to keep faith with his fellow soldiers, and to strive against large odds. When the survivor cannot control these reactions in a healthy way, they can bring him to a standstill. Instead of rallying his internal resources, the soldier listens to his internal fears. This soldier experiences psychological defeat long before he physically succumbs.

    Remember, survival is natural to everyone; being unexpectedly thrust into the life and death struggle of survival is not. Don’t be afraid of your “natural reactions to this unnatural situation.” Prepare yourself to rule over these reactions so they serve your ultimate interest—staying alive with the honor and dignity associated with being an American soldier.

  • According to reports by the Associated Press a high-ranking North Korean military leader claims that they have "powerful modern weapons ... that can defeat the (U.S.) imperialists at a single blow".

  • Mitt Romney's plan for reducing the size of the federal government and its deficit also involves a large increase in the size and spending of the Pentagon.