ASVAB Question of the Week: May 3, 2017

Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week. Check the comments below for the correct answer!

ASVAB practice question

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Since these two equations are about the length of a square's sides, you know that the equations must solve to the same number, since a square's sides are all the same length.

There are two ways to solve this equation.

The "correct" way is to put both statements in an equation

2x + 7 = 3x + 2

And then solve for X

First, isolate X by subtracting 2x from each side

7 = x + 2

And then subtract 2 from each side

5 = X

And we have the answer! The answer is C) 5.

The other way is to simply plug in each answer choice into each equation until you find the number that works. Since these equations are relatively simple, this is possible to do in your head for this problem - however, make sure you understand how to solve it the "correct" way, since some equations will be much more complex!