Am I Eligible for College Benefits With Both an Honorable and General Discharge?

Q: My first enlistment was honorable, but later in my career I received a general discharge. Am I eligible for college benefits?

A: Yes you are. As long as you have one enlistment ending in a fully honorable discharge (under honorable conditions doesn’t count), you have secured your GI Bill education benefits. Keep in mind though that your delimiting date will start from your date of discharge from the honorable service and not the general discharge, so you may have fewer years left to use your benefits than you may have thought you had.

Also, if you are interested in upgrading your general discharge you can start the process by appealing to the Discharge Review Board by using DD Form 293 (if you have been discharged 15 years or less) or to the Board of Corrections of Military Records by using DD Form 149 if you have been out more than 15 years.

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Thank You

I actually had the same question. So if you secured your GI Bill education benefits and you have one enlistment ending in a fully honorable discharge then you will be eligible for college benefits. Thanks for the info.