VA Disability Compensation

White House Following VA Backlog - Proposes Increased Funding for FY 2014

Although the White House says that top officials from every federal agency are already working on the huge VA backlog, they have said that they may also consider a presidential commission to help address the problem. Members of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America delivered a 34,000 signature petition to the White House last month requesting a presidential commission to deal with this issue.

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Congress Finally Passes COLA For Vets - Now Headed to the President

It seems like all the panicked talk about veterans losing their annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) this year was for naught.

Early this week the Senate took a voice vote and passed HR 4114: Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2012 which should take effect on Dec. 1 of this year. This bill was passed by the House back in early July, and put aside by the Senate for unknown reasons in September.

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In Addition to Army Benefits, What Veterans, Retirees and State Benefits Are Available?

Q: As well as Army benefits I'd like to see benefits that veterans & retirees are offered. Some states have additional benefits & I'd like to see a rundown on those.

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